Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not Your Mamma's Green Bean Casserole

Not Your Mamma's Green Bean Casserole

5 cans Fancy cut/ French cut beans
8oz cream cheese
8oz sour cream
1 Pkg Uncle Dans Southern Ranch mix
1 lb shredded Swiss cheese
corn flakes

Mix 5 cans green beans (drained) with ranch mix, sour cream, cream cheese, and half of shredded cheese until smooth. Spread in glass 9X13 baking pan, top with rest of shredded cheese, and then top with crushed corn flakes.

I put all the cheeses, creams and ranch mix in the blender first- A lot easier! Then mixed in the beans.

Bake 350 until bubbly and corn flakes start to brown. (Approximately 30-40 min.)

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