Friday, March 25, 2011

3 month supply recipes

My dear sister in laws,

I was wondering if we could help each other out by providing our favorite food storage recipes where all the ingredients are from our pantry/food storage. I know several recipes have been already submitted over the maybe we could create a new label "3 month supply" and go back and label the old ones and submit new ones????

I know we have a food storage label already, but a "3 month supply" label would require all ingredients from food storage.

Like for example: egg powder or beans or ground flax instead of real eggs-

I'm really trying to find 30 awesome breakfasts, lunch and dinner recipes that I can make from my food storage...and I know you guys would have some awesome ideas and recipes to share.

If you already have your 3 month recipe plan, can you share it with us?

What do you think?


Marne said...

Good idea April. Check out the blog She has lots of recipes like that. She teaches you how to use things like egg powder and beans in your everyday meals. I have loved her blog over the years, and learned so much! And her stuff is basic, not gourmet, which I like.

As for the labeling, if we could all label our own recipes better. I have a difficult time finding recipes on here because they are just labeled as 'main dish' instead of also labeling them with the other main ingredients, like 'chicken' etc. So for example Tiff's recent oatmeal post it can be labeled as 'breakfast', 'oatmeal', 'banana', 'chocolate'. That way it can be found much quicker.

And I will be on here more when I can find the recipes quick!

Tiffani said...

I started going through some of my recipes and adding to my labels. I am not going to list every ingredient because I think that is unnecessary. But words that I would use to search for other recipes.

I think everyone has been doing a pretty good job!

Marne said...

Did you check that blog yet April? Yesterday she posted how to make yogurt from powdered milk. Her cookies made with beans are also really good.

I think labeling more specifically will be much nicer....trying to find a lasgana recipe in 100 main dish posts just takes too long. So it will benefit us all in the long run!

Tami said...

I will start labeling better but did you know you can do a search on the top left for a specific recipe...if you know what you are looking for and don't want to sift through main dishes, etc. It is pretty handy!

Marne said...

just made the first 3 month supply recipe post and made the label. monkey bars! great kids friendly and healthy snack.