Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chicken Sandwiches with biscuits

ok and for the record- those Pillsbury biscuits are really good...but they are really bad for you too- tempting. They have trans fat in them- But anyway- Let's eat some!


These are soooo good.

mix filling together:

cooked diced chicken breasts or tenders- season with Johnny's seasoning and minced garlic*
chopped celery
half chopped onion-
8 oz soft low fat cream cheese
salt & pepper
a little johnny's

flatten out biscuits and put a little of the filling on biscuit and wrap the biscuit around the chicken filling stuff. Cook according to directions on package- good stuff.

***I so happened to have already seasoned Garlic Chicken- so that is why I recommend seasoning the chicken if it isn't already-

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Marne said...

There are 600 mg of sodium in one biscuit! That is almost half of your daily allowance in ONE serving! And who can eat just one of those biscuits? :) They are so bad for you! I only bought 4 cans for a few treats. We used two the other morning for biscuits and gravy.