Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Check out this Blog!

Jody has a family recipe blog, also. Check it out for some great recipes. I cooked almost exclusively from it the past couple weeks. I just told my kids - this recipe is from the Richael's! They like the Richael's so they were more excited to try these new dishes. I will also put this as a side link titled "Some of our Favorite Things"http://www.5jsand1mom.blogspot.com/.

Thanks Jody for all your recipe postings!

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Jody said...

Hi Tiffani - I came on here to get the Angel Food Cake recipe and saw this post. If you see any recipes on our blog that you want posted, just leave a comment. My family already has a lot of the recipes I make so they may not ask for one but eventhough you aren't family, I'll post it for you! Enjoy your trip!